My favorite thing about my job is you. I love getting to know my clients and hearing about their goals, their to do lists and the motivation that has them in need of a new image to portray all of that to the world.

Headshots are not the most glam gig in the photography world but they are one of the most personal; which is why I think I gravitate towards them. This is about your moment, your first impression and how you want to be seen and understood. 

I'm excited about the journey you are on and am ready to help you rock this new chapter in your full voice and with all of your style and personality on display. 

If you need to know more about me I am a hopeless romantic; I watch JLo rom-coms like nobody's business. I enjoy long walks on the beach and geeking out to camera specs. 

Basically I'm awesome, just like you. 

I'm from the lou and I'm proud.

Based in Saint Louis Missouri.

I'm Raquita.
Photog. Poet. Queen of Awesome.

Albanese Gummy bears 
Long walks on the beach
My converse
cuban Coffee
flat caps
ice from quik trip and sonic
Building things with legos
chai tea 
AVOCADO toast (I liked it before it was hip)

My faves: